How do we really run safe during a winter lockdown?

If you type “winter running lockdown tips” into google what would you expect to find? I’ll save you the journey to your google tab – you get a lot of advice on dressing warm and warming up. How to keep motivated. 10 best windproof jackets. Now, search for “winter running lockdown tips… women”. One key…

How it Started/ How it’s Going

So this is quite the journey, huh? I started this blog because I felt alone in my experience of being harassed on the run. I was worried that my anger was mis-seated, that I was overreacting, making a big deal out of nothing. because that’s what I had been told I was doing. We, as…

Winter Running – Is it Safe?

So, lockdown 2.0, hey? Who’d have thought at the beginning of April that we’d be back here again (or still?), but this time with the looming presence of darkness hanging over us at about 4pm. I’ll be completely honest, I’m a fair weather runner. There’s no better reason to run than a crisp, autumn day.…

Pippa’s Story #quitthecatcall

As confident and badass as someone appears to be, more often than not, their experiences with harassment affect them. It’s not always visible, but it’s there. Our actions and decisions are based on our experiences and, when it comes to harassment, we often base our actions off a fear for our safety. Badass triathlete, business…

Hannah’s Story #quitthecatcall

I know, for me, that running can sometimes feel like a completely separate part of life to colleagues and other non-running (muggle) friends. I have spent hours trying to get my housemates, drinking buddies and peers to share my enthusiasm for the sport but, often, they just don’t get my obsession. However, more often than…

Liv’s Story #quitthecatcall

What with the past few weeks unseasonal summer like weather, I think, safe to say, we’ve all bee relishing in wearing a little lighter and less when we’re running. And we bloody deserve it! It’s hot and sweat so shorts are comfortable! Unfortunately, as you’ll read in the following interview with Liv (@livforrunning), this has…

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