New Blog, who dis?

Mid-way through a 20 miler,
Probably thinking about why the hell I do
this to myself

Well, safe to safe I think lockdown-syndrome has hit us all. So much so that some of us have started trying our hand at something new…


I know we’re not lacking in running and fitness blogs. Trust me, I read enough of them to realise the saturation in the market. But Covid-19 is making us all do crazy things and it’s got me thinking I’ve got something useful to say.

Maybe I’ve spent too much time with my own thoughts lately.

But, anyway. Here we are. Another blog about running by another average runner, hoping to become something very un-average indeed.

I can’t say my journey will be pretty, and I can’t promise it won’t come with a bit of bitching and whining from time to time (hello, seasoned injury-prone runner here). But it will be honest, hopefully relatable and I might even try to throw a bit of funny in there.

So, here goes…

…My ramblings about running…